The Nepal Television (NTV) is a public service corporation. Its public purpose is central for serving the public and help it achieve its core mission to inform, educate, persuade and entertain through television broadcasting.

This purpose outlines the values the NTV holds when striving to achieve its mission to inform, educate, persuade and entertain.

The NTV’s Program Division provides accurate and impartial contents of the highest editorial values so that all audiences can engage completely with issues across Nepal and the globe. It is responsible for producing, managing and coordinating program for the national channel of Nepal Television.

Educational program help maintain learning for children and teenagers across Nepal, at the same time as audiences are encouraged to seek out inspiring and challenging new subjects and actions through a range of partnerships. It provides original and creative contents covering various genres across a range of services and platforms, setting the standard both in Nepal and beyond. The division portrays the lives of the people in Nepal today accurately and authentically in the NTV’s output and services to promote awareness of different cultures, contribute to social cohesion and invest in the development of nation’s economy. It delivers high quality, accurate, and impartial contents to worldwide audiences, aiding understanding of Nepal as a whole.

On the basis of nature of content, 62.12 per cent program can be categorized under Informative or Educational, 26.27 per cent under Entertainment and 10.61 per cent under musical category. On the basis of the format, there are 33.33 percent telefilm, 23.34 percent talk show, 20 percent magazine, 13.33 percent documentary or feature and 10 percent musical program broadcast through the Nepal Television channel.

The productions of Nepal Television are very popular in Nepal and beyond, including Chamchami, NTV Forum, Sangharsha, Srasta ra Shrijana, shikchhyako Chautari, Aajako bigyan, Ujjyalotira, Sambriddhi ka Pailah, Sandarbha Bibidh, Aajako Charcha, Mahila Adhikar, Swasthya Sarokar, Bikash Bahas, Safal Ilam, Shrijana ka Sarathi, Swad, Chautari, Mero Desh Mero Sangeet

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